A decidedly Irish initiative, Tavern Beige is the embodiment of just enough tannin and beer, methodically transferred from barrel to color stain. A truly unique fusion of English/ Irish origin, the pub has formed a quintessential classic.

Wood Specifications

Item #: TG6136

Width: 6" (155mm)

Length: Random up-to 86.6" (2200mm)

Thickness: 9/16" (14mm)

Wear Layer: 3mm

Species: European White Oak

Grade: Character

Cut: Plain Sawn

Surface: Wire Brushed

Edges: 4 Sides bevel

Finish: UV Oil

Gloss: Light Gloss

Connection Type: Tongue and Groove

In-Floor Heating: Yes

Core & Back: Lumber core and veneer back

Wood Grain: Mixed Cut

Described product

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